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About us

Life is too short to rest your head on a boring pillow, or lay out on a basic beach towel. Mojito Banditos makes fun products for adventurous goofballs.

Mojito Banditos started out on the beach shores of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. The founders, Michelle and Nick, were on vacation, attending their good friends' destination wedding. Michelle is a fashion designer by trade and Nick manages an e-commerce business. After a few drinks and some brainstorming, Mojito Banditos was born.

It's true, we're mojito-drinking banditos...but we have a nice side too. After every purchase, Mojito Banditos donates a portion of the proceeds to children in need through partner organizations like So when you're napping at the beach on one of our towels, sleep soundly knowing that you're making the world a little bit happier.

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Custom products? Yest, please!

If you'd like Mojito Banditos to design custom products for your group vacation, bachelorette party, beach house, or any other event, please fill out the contact form HERE to get the ball rolling!


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